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Season 1

1x02: "I don't even have to turn around. Sara Sidle"
1x03: "Would you come tape me up?"
1x03: "I love my job."
1x03: "You okay?" (Grissom's hand in Sara's hair)
1x07: "One of us needs to be with her at all times."
1x09: Mile high club (Grissom and Sara discuss sex)
1x10: "You wanna sleep with me?"
1x10: Grissom and Sara spend the night watching the dead pig
1x10: Less Latin
1x16: Sara cries in front of Griss
1x17: He helps Sara with chess.
1x19: They exchange a flirty smile when Sara matches the paper to the printer
1x23: "Sometimes the harder thing to do is to do nothing."

Season 2

2x02: Huge invasion of personal space
2x03: Pickle scene
2x05: The Chalk Scene (Sara touches Grissom's cheek)
2x05: "According to Mr. Bugman.."
2x11: Jealous! Grissom (Greggo)
2x11: "You found it, you run with it."
2x12: "It's easy to wear your heart on your sleeve when you're not looking in his eyes."
2x15: The Plant (girls like vegetation! and notice all the butterflies on his wall!!)
2x16: "Since when are you interested in beauty?" "Since I met you."
2x21: "Well, you do know how to light up a room."
2x23: Background song ("Unbound"): "Drawn to her/ Like a moth to a flame"
2x23: "I've got a gal named Sara."
2x23: Sara: "I've got crabs." Grissom: "Excuse me?" Sara: "I've got crabs, take a look."

Season 3

3x01: Jealous!Grissom (Hank: "Tell her I said hi") Grissom glances back at Hank as Warrick answers.
3x01: Gris listens to "Ridi, Pagliacci" (tragic aria about lostlove) Sara comes in & turns the music off
3x01: Sara to Greg: "The woman is twice your age, she may be three times your age!"
3x02: The Chalk Scene, mentioned in court, to Sara's horror
3x02: Relationship? (Grissom shocked and disappointed upon hearing about Sara and Hank)
3x02: "You look nice."
3x03: Sara: "You told me to get a life, remember?" Grissom: "Did I?"
3x03: "You expect me to be there at a moments notice. It's confusing."
3x04: "Does he ever talk?"
3x09: "I have you." "I need you."
3x14: One Hit Wonder "Know Somebody"
3x14: "Best Intentions"
3x22: "Honey, this doesn't look good..." (Grissom to Sara)
3x22: "I don't know what to do about ...'this'." "I do."

Season 4

4x03: G&S share an all-knowing look at the crime scene
4x07: "Pin me down."
4x10: "I thought you might say that."
4x10: "She does all my running."
4x10: Jealous!Grissom (Greg looks at Sara and grins: "Ah, five years of misery, but worth every penny, don't you think?")
4x11: "It was an outside job."
4x12: *Butterflied* (Episode about Grissom's feelings for Sara)
4x16: "You see me everyday."
4x16: "A Woman."
4x17: The Entomology textbook and "half a heart"
4x19: Sara spells out vixens. (Haha 419 as in code)
4x21: Looking for a screw.
4x21: "We'd like to be alone."
4x22: "I thought you didn't have a problem with me." Note the enclosed space they find themselves in when this is said
4x23: "Come on, I'll drive you home." (Grissom holds her hand)

Season 5

5x01: "Can we talk?"
5x02: Grissom says he's concerned about Sara. (To her face while they're alone)
5x03: "Pretty smart for a 7th grader."
5x05: Fantasizing about a girl at work.
5x05: Grissom brings Sara a cup of tea, conversation about happy marriage
5x12: Post-PEAP Session
5x13: Apartment Scene (Grissom holds Sara's hand again)
5x13: "She's a great criminalist Conrad and I need her."
5x14: "Are you doing okay?"
5x14: Jealous!Sara
5x17: "Geeks should be revered."
5x18: "I hear it's a good make out spot."
5x19: Jealous!Grissom ("I saw everything")
5x21: Jealous!Grissom (Pillow scene)
5x21: Butterfly picture in the window
5x21: The *scene*
5x23: Iced- Romeo and Juliet
5x24: Grave Danger w/ Trigger the Horse

Season 6

6x03: (-GSR) Suffocation comment
6x03: Lovers and Co-workers..... that never works
6x08: "Well this is per me" and they exchange smiles.
6x12: "Maybe some people just aren't meant to be together." (followed by Bewildered!Grissom)
6x13: Grey hair can be very attractive!
6x17: Our geeks exchange flirty smiles
6x20: "Yeah...I'm pretty good at mouth to mouth."
6x21:"Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?"
6x22: Several Fantasies
6x22: "A pretty cool gift from a very generous boss."
6x22: "Some guys are intimidated by beauty."
6x22: "And may all your dreams come true."
6x24: Camera Duel
6x24: "Go in for sex and get stung; that's pretty much every man's fear."
6x24: BEDROOM SCENE! "I'm not ready to say goodbye."

Season 7

7x01: Where's the Love?!? (we know where it is)
7x01: "According to my supervisor..."
7x02: "I agree with Grissom." "Of course you do." Awkward!
7x02: "I'll handle this." (Note the Butterflies in Grissom's office)
7x03: First Blush
7x03: CHAINSAW!!!
7x04: "Pick on someone your own size..." "Are you volunteering?"
7x05: "Did you anticipate that question?"
7x05: "Something I said?" "No dear."
7x06: "I turned the music on." (we know what else she turned on...)
7x08: "I wont wait up." (THEY'RE LIVING TOGETHER!)
7x10: "Now you know how it feels."
7x11: "I'll miss you." Grissom leaves on his sabbatical
7x13: The Gift...A cocoon
7x14: The Letter... "Dear Sara..."
7x15: Grissom returns from his sabbatical
7x16: Grissom and Sara at the end watching the video
7x17: Shaving scene!
7x18: Sara cries and Grissom wipes away her tear
7x19: Grissom and Sara investigate the limo
7x20: "Hey, Sara? Is it true that the miniature cases keep Grissom up at night?" "How would I know?"
7x21: "You make me happy."
7x22: Grissom and Sara in his bedroom
7x22: Sara reads Grissom's letter to her
7x23: "Sara.." "It's fine; do what you need to do."
7x23: "This girl blames me for the death of Ernie Dell. I took away the only person she ever loved...and now she's going to do the same thing to me."
7x23: GSR is revealed to the team

Season 8

8x01: Sara and GSR live!!
8x02: "How long have you been intimate?" "Two years." "Nine years."
8x03: Bee talk
8x04: "I love it when you dress up."
8x04: "Y'know, maybe we should get married.."
Grissom Sara Romance - CSI

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